Little Nightingales Day Nursery

Food & Drink

In addition, your child will be provided with adequate high quality food for their needs throughout the morning and afternoon and will be encouraged to drink regularly.  Fresh drinking water will always be within reach of children.  Food will be nutritious and we will endeavour to cater for any special dietary requirements, preferences, or food allergies.  If, however, we feel that we are unable to cater for particular requirements, we will discuss this with you and it may mean that you will need to provide food for your child. We will provide all meals to include breakfast (toast, cereal, and fruit), mid-morning/afternoon snacks.

A packed lunch can be provided for children attending full day care. You will be issued with a lunch menu. We have limited facilities on-site but we are able to heat meals for children at lunchtimes if required and pack ups provided by parents/carers will be refrigerated and stored accordingly.


We will provide breakfast (toast, cereal and fruit), mid-morning/afternoon snacks, lunch and a light tea, as part of the fees.

Please refer to all of our menus on display.

Our sister setting, Nightingales, is part of and accredited through the Healthy Sustainable Pre School Scheme. This is an award-winning accreditation. All staff are trained to manage and implement this scheme into Little Nightingales


What is the Scheme?                                                                 

The Healthy and Sustainable Pre-School Scheme has evolved from the successful and well established Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Schemes.  It recognises the value of early interventions and aims to provide a structured framework for pre-school settings and their communities to develop and integrate holistic approaches to health promotion and wellbeing.  The Schemes in Wales are funded by the Welsh Government and managed locally by the Cwm Taf Public Health Team.  Settings will be supported by a Specialist Pre-School Practitioner working in partnership with Early Years Providers and the Healthy Schools Team, and the strategic management of the Scheme will be directed by a multi-agency Steering Group.”


Further information is available within the setting.