Little Nightingales Day Nursery


When caring for your child we will endeavour to build his/her self-esteem, confidence and independence.  We will listen to them carefully and encourage them to listen, speak, ask questions and solve problems.  We will value their judgements and have high expectations of them as learners.  In the organisation of structured play activities for them, no child will be able to ‘fail’.  They will be encouraged to persevere in order to achieve success or possibly choose a different approach.  This may mean having a break from a difficult task and then returning to it later if they wish.  Activities will be organised and resources selected to allow children to build on their natural curiosity as learners, develop their language and mathematical thinking, use their imagination and develop social relationships.  Above all, your child’s happiness in what they are doing is paramount.

Resources and toys will be readily accessible for children so that independent choice of activity is possible when appropriate.  During these times, we will support and observe your child in what they are doing.  We will only intervene if the child requests or some guidance is needed with key concepts. Wherever possible or necessary, we will discuss the difference between right and wrong with your child and on an elementary level, we will talk about what it means to be a good citizen!

Learning will also be centred around mini-topics/themes/interests e.g. transport, Autumn, Christmas, food, a particular book etc and you will be encouraged to get involved in learning with your child at home.  Each day, we will talk about the day of week, date and weather. The list of fun activities we can provide to meet learning goals is endless, but if there are particular things that your child is interested in or likes doing, please let us know so that we can build in regular opportunities for it to happen.

The Foundation Phase Framework

At Little Nightingales Day Nursery we use the Foundation Phase Framework to assess and support your child’s development.

The Foundation Phase has 7 areas of learning which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. The areas of learning are:

  • Personal and Social development, Well-being and Cultural diversity
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Mathematical development
  • Welsh language development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development.


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