Little Nightingales Day Nursery


Please note the following points with regards to medication:

  • We will not administer any medicine or other treatment unless the parent has discussed its use and given prior written permission. This forms part of the written contract.

If permission is given to administer medication:

  • The medicine will be stored in its original container, clearly labelled and inaccessible to children.
  • We will not usually administer any medicine that has not been prescribed by a doctor. The use of ‘calpol’ for emergencies will be discussed with you and noted in the contract.
  • A written record of medicines administered to children will be maintained. The parent will be asked to sign this record book to acknowledge an entry.

A first aid box will be kept out of the reach of children.  You will need to provide evidence for my records if your child has any known allergies.  You will also need to give written permission at the time of accepting a place, for me to seek any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment whilst your child is in our care.

A record of any accidents is maintained and signed by the parents.