Little Nightingales Day Nursery

Sick Children

We reserve the right to choose not to look after a child if they are obviously very unwell.

You will need to notify us if your child has been ill during the night prior to bringing them to Playgroup.

Children must be kept away for at least 48 hours after the cessation of diarrhoea, vomiting or high temperature. You will need pay the full daily  fee if days with us are missed due to illness, holiday or any other reason on your part.

Children who have had communicable diseases e.g. chickenpox, should be kept away for the required period of time.

If your child has had antibiotics prescribed please keep him/her away for the first 24 hours after being prescribed these.

There may be a need for your child to be collected during the day if they become very ill.  We would ask you to make arrangements for this to be possible.  Any adult collecting your child should be on your list of nominated people and know your password.

Further details regarding contagious illnesses, immunisations and other health related matters and information is available within the setting and on the parent’s notice boards.


**Please also see the additional sickness guidelines as stipulated by Welsh Government**

If your child is unwell, please do not bring them to the setting to reduce the risk of transferring illnesses. If they have had a temperature in the last 24hours they need to stay at home. Please could you inform the setting as soon as possible if your child will not be attending that day via text, Whatsapp or a telephone call.

In case of sickness and diarrhoea, please keep your child home for 48 hours after the last symptom.

If your child is prescribed a course of anti-biotic medication you will need to keep them at home for the first 48 hours from the first dose.

In case of contagious diseases, for example Chicken Pox, children must be kept home for at least 7 days or until all the spots have ‘scabbed’ over.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept children on the day and a further 24 hours if they have been given calpol or ibuprofen as these medicines can mask other underlying issues that may become present whilst within our care.

If a child becomes ill during their session, a parent/carer will be contacted on the emergency telephone number recorded on the child contract for early collection from nursery.

In order to reduce the spread of infection and to safeguard all children and staff, Little Nightingales have placed the following guides in place which are adhered to daily by all staff:

  • An in-depth Policy, Action Plan, Risk Assessment, Crisis Response Strategy and a Vulnerable Person Log are all being monitored daily and updated in accordance with Government Guidance. The Action Plan, Policy and Risk Assessment considers many eventualities and how we aim to deal with them.

  • Deep cleaning of the setting is conducted daily to ensure all surfaces, fabrics, toys, kitchen, feeding equipment and toilets are cleaned following manufacturer guidelines on all cleaning products.

  • Staff arrive at the setting in normal clothes and change into a clean uniform before children enter. Staff remove their uniforms once the last child and cleaning schedules have ended and before leaving the setting. Worn uniforms are then laundered individually on a hot wash at home.

  • Staff wash their own and the children’s hands several times and maintain high levels of cleanliness role modelling high hygiene levels at all times.

  • Outside of work staff are adhering to the strict social distancing regulations.

Following on from our additional measures we ask that you:

  • Following Government advice, you should only use our service if you have no other childcare available. Your children are safer at home.

  • Do not send your child into nursery if they have a temperature of 37.8 or above. Children that develop a temperature during their session will need to be collected immediately. Children should then remain at home for 7 days with the entire household remaining in total self-isolation for 14 days. Following our Illness Policy any child that has received paracetamol or ibuprofen prior to nursey will not be permitted entry as this may mask any ill health or underlying issues.

  • Do not send your child into nursery if they have any type of cough or develop a new cough as they will not be permitted into the setting. Children with a cough should remain at home for 7 days with the entire household remaining in total self-isolation for 14 days. We understand there are sometimes underlying issues and reasons for the cough however, as we are not medically trained and are unable to determine the cause therefore access will not be permitted.

  • If any member of your household develops any Covid-19 symptom, do not send your child to nursery. You shouldall remain at home for 14 days with the entire household remaining in total self-isolation

  • Due to the recent development’s parents / carers will not be permitted into the setting. We ask that you knock the door and step back outside of the marked box to adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines. A staff member will come to the door to receive your child from you – it is only when a child has been taken from you that we assume responsibility of their safety. The children will be taken through to wash their hands before they can begin their play at our setting.