Little Nightingales Day Nursery

Working In Partnership With Parents

In order for your child to remain happy in our care, we believe that good communication with parents is vital and consequently, the contract of service will be drawn up on acceptance of a place, so that exact needs for the child can be discussed and documented. The contract will be reviewed six-monthly or earlier if the need arises.

On a daily basis you will have an opportunity to exchange information about your child. You will also be given written information about the child’s day e.g. activities participated in, food, drink and other notes of importance e.g. with regards development. Please also feel able to speak to us on a daily basis if you have any concerns or feedback about our service. This may mean that any problems can be remedied as soon as they arise.

Should you wish to attend, we arrange informal ‘parents evening’ several times a year to discuss your child’s development and generally to talk about needs. We would also see this as an opportunity for you to provide us with any further feedback that you think may help us to improve our service. We would like to stress, however, we are always available to discuss any matter relating to your child and a meeting can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.